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Course Rules


All members and associates are requested to ensure that golf etiquette is maintained at all times and to a high level. This includes raking bunkers, removing sand from the greens and repairing pitch marks. 


These rules are the responsibility of the Club Committee. All questions relating to these rules shall be directed to the Committee.
All persons using the course must abide by these rules and any action deemed inappropriate by the Company or Committee by any person will result in disciplinary action.

The Company has the right to close the course for society days and in situations of exceptionally bad weather such as snow, dense fog and very heavy rain. The Club shall reserve the right to close the course for matches, society days and competitions.
The Club accepts no liability for injury or loss to any person or property using golfing facilities.

Dress Code
Members and guests are required to wear recognised golf attire on the Course at all times. Non-tailored shorts, tee-shirts, tracksuits, types of denim, printed sweatshirts, summer tops, beachwear, training shoes or other non-golf attire are not acceptable.
Tailored shorts must be worn with short sports socks or knee length socks. Shirts can be worn not tucked into trousers, or shorts, but must have a collar. “Normal style” football shirts are not permitted on the Course. Trousers cannot be tucked into socks
Members must ensure their guests are made aware of the dress code before starting to play.
Golf shoes and boots must not be worn in the Clubhouse lounge.

Course Safety
Players must not drive into other players in any circumstances whatsoever, whether from the tee, through the green, overtaking, or crossing, unless distinctly called on.
The responsibility of seeing that the way is clear and that others are out of danger is always on the player who is playing the ball.
Players should leave the course in the event of lightning.

Course Etiquette
Please observe notices and obey local rules.
Please allow faster groups through.
Always offer official Club competition matches through.
Outside of official starting times, Club competition matches should alternate with other matches.
Replace divots and repair pitch marks. Look after the condition of the course.
Trolleys or buggies are not allowed on any tee or green. In wet or frozen conditions buggies must be driven along the edge of the fairways.
Practice shall only take place on the designated practice areas.

General Play
Slow play must be avoided at all times
Members must at all times observe golf etiquette and give way to matches playing faster – do not wait to be asked
After commencement of play, 2-ball matches have priority and must be called through at the earliest opportunity.
Members must start at the 1st Tee, except in competitions where the specific starting arrangements will be specified.
Members playing a single ball have no standing whatsoever for teeing times, or when on the course.

Green Fees
A Member of a recognised golf club, or society, may be introduced by a Member of the Club to play on payment of a Green Fee as designated by the Company.
Members can introduce up to three guests at the prevailing green fee rate at any one time.
All guests are required to enter their details in the Visitors’ Book before teeing off.
All green fees must be paid for before teeing off

Handicaps will be allocated to Members in accordance with CONGU regulations.
Handicaps will be adjusted by the Handicap Secretary (when necessary) after medals and other competitions or on submission of scorecards for general play revision. At least one Medal will be played per month.
Members’ handicaps will be displayed on Members’ notice boards within the Clubhouse, but it is the responsibility of each Member to ensure they are aware of their playing handicap before commencing play.
Every Member applying for a handicap must provide written details of all existing and past handicaps from other clubs to the Handicap Secretary.
Failing this, the Handicap Committee/Secretary may allocate a handicap or request the Member to provide three completed Club scorecards, counter-signed by an adult Member, with a valid handicap.
Any Member whose handicap is reduced elsewhere to less than their handicap at Somerley Park Golf Club must notify this reduction to the Handicap Secretary before competing in any Club competitions. Failure to do this may result in disqualification.
The maximum handicap for all Junior Members shall be 54. CONGU handicaps for male Junior Members of 28 and below and CONGU handicaps for female Junior handicaps of 36 and below will be subject to the same review as adult Members.

Matches and Competitions
Members may enter all medal competitions.
The arrangement of all competitions and Club matches, including fixing of dates and conditions under which they shall be held is the responsibility of the Competition Secretaries.
Any disputes relating to penalties, disqualification or other competition rules shall be referred to the appropriate Competition Secretary.
Each competition will specify the specific rules and tees which are to be used.
Junior Members are eligible to enter and win all competitions, provided they meet the relevant handicap limits.
It is the responsibility of the first named player(s) in any drawn match play competition to contact the other competitor(s) to arrange a suitable time to play within the time limit specified on the draw sheet. No extensions of time to play any round beyond the due date will be granted. Failure to play by the due date will result in the Competition Secretary deciding to disqualify one, or more, of the competitors.
All Players in the competition shall return their scorecards in the manner set for the competition. Scorecards must be signed by a playing partner.

This document should be read in conjunction with:
The Company Bye-Laws
The Constitution
Standing Orders (Local Rules)

Course Rules - 19 October 2017